Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bringing your domestic helper to travel with you to Australia

To bring your domestic helper to travel with you to Australia, you need to apply temporary work visa for her (visa Subclass 400 and form 1400).
Please refer to this website, for the forms and checklist.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Perpanjangan/pembaharuan paspor RI (PLRT) - renew Indonesian domestic worker's passport

1) Isi formulir putih perdim 11 (completed white form perdim 11)
2) copy & paspor yang masi berlaku (copy n original valid passport)
3) copy work permit yang masi berlaku (copy of valid work permit)
4) copy ic majikan yang tertera di work permit (copy of employer ic as per work permit)
5) fee $35
Processing time 3 working days
Submission time 9-12am

My World@Tiong Bahru View

YMCA preschool named My World at Tiong bahru view, newly opened in 2015. Attached is the fees.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


1/5/13 Macau- ticket two ways dr Kowloon China Ferry Terminal HKD300...
sampai disana,buat yg mau free ride:naik aja ke hotel2 gede. Kmrn aku ke Galaxy, dr sana ada shuttle ke daerah kotanya (bay 10 ke San Ma Lo, klu ga salah ingat)....
Dari tempat turun bus itu jalan aja ke Ruin's of Saint Paul etc... Disana belanja almond cookies yg terkenal and makan portugese's egg tarts.... Yummy....
Sorenya boleh jalan2 Di hotel2 seperti The Venetian, Wynn, MGM... (Last ferry to HK 11.30pm)

Macau cuma ada casino dan kota tua.
macau 2 mlm cukup kok. krn dlm 1/2 hr uda bs keliling tmpt2 wisata nya yg di macau city. asal mulai berangkat nya pagi. tmpt2 nya itu rata2 yg berdekatan smua. jgn lupa minta map dr hotel. ohya biar hemat transport, coba d naek free shuttle bus yg dr hotel2. tp mesti liat ya krn ga smua shuttle bus hotel bole dinaekin kec kita nginep di hotel nya. tmpt shopping di macau ada kok. shopping di venetian aja. kl budget memungkinkan, nginep d di venetian. mantep bo hehehehehe.... skrg di macau da bs pake hk$. coba review web nya aja

Macau Patacas adalah mata uangnya Macau
kalo mo tau rate-nya, cobain link ini :

Recommended food in Macau

Nga Tim Cafe - di Caetano 8, Coloane  

Shenzhen, China

langsung naek MTR dari HK untuk paspor indo ada VOA (Visa on Arrival) bayar langsung jadi (sekitar 30 menit) biasa di sono pada mencari barang murah, jangan sungkan menawar > 50% harga yang ditawarkan!
Dong Men (east gate)
pasar tradisional macam Bugis Street. Di situ ada beberapa stall bbq snacks khas Xin Jiang = Prosperity Kebab rasanya unik
- Hua Qiang Bei / Hua Qiang Lu.
Kalau doyan ngeliat produk industri atau elektronik bisa mampir. Semacam Orchard Rd, tapi khusus jual industri/elektronik
- Window of the world : kalau ada waktu luang 4-6 jam baru worth, kalau buru2 sayang bayarnya agak mahal, sekitar 140-150 RMB cmiiw 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Compilation of medicine for children

Recently, in my mums whatsapp group, many are asking about the medicine to give for the child.

Disclaimer: This list is only based on my experience, I am not responsible for anything at all if you follow any of the medicine here and there's something happen to your child. Best is to visit the pediatrician.

Runny Nose
Liquid medicine (to drink):
Rhiniramine - usually only sold by pediatrician.
Rhiniramine + prednisolone - a mix by my pediatrician
Bambec (Bambuterol hydrochloride) - usually only sold by pediatrician.
Chlorpheniramine syrup - can be found in pharmacy store - yellow color, usually if you go to KK hospital, they will give this medicine too. The assistant pedi told me it's  stronger than Rhiniramine

Outer medicine for blocked nose:
Olbas - can be found in Watson - to be put on kids pillow or anywhere near the child
Vicks - can be found in any pharmacy store - to note they have infant version (for 2yo and below), can rub to child's feet and put on the chest when sleeping or below nose
Iliadin - can be found in Watson - drop to child's nose
Opticrom sodium cromoglycate 2%w/v eye/nose drop - got it from pediatrician

Nose spray to help relieve blocked nose:
Somehow I do not feel nose spray helps.. also my kids dun really like to use nose spray.

Tool to take out phlegm:
This one is very effective, old methods usually ppl will just suck on baby's nose using our mouth, but with this tool, it's more civilized now hehe..
Baby nasal suction aspirator/nose cleaner

Kaloba syrup - usually only sold by pediatrician - it is very effective for my kid.
Prospan syrup - can be found in pharmacy store
Rhitaniol - can be found in Guardian
Ventolin - can be found in any pharmarcy store - to clear airway and loosen phlegm
Ventolin + mucosolvan - a mix from my pediatrician for cough
Fluimucil - can be found in any pharmacy store - to take out the phlegm
Dhasedyl syrup - usually only sold by pediatrician - can cause drowsiness, to be drunk before bedtime
Phenexpect CD - got it from pediatrician
Dimetapp - got it from pediatrician

Herbal Tips
- For runny nose/cough, honey can be given to child who is more than 1 year old.
- Young living Lavender oil mixed with the Olive oil
1 drop of Lavender oil mixed with 10 drops of Olive oil
Put on below nose for block nose, the oil can also be applied on the area of the skin that has eczema/rashes.

Allergy related to runny nose/cough
Zyrtex - can be found in Guardian/Watson
There are 2 types of zyrtex: drops or just liquid. I think the drops one is more concentrated and effective than the other type.
Aerius - got it from the pediatrician
Dhatifen - got it from the pediatrician - prophylactic treatment of asthma and symptomatic treatment of allergic conditions such as rhinitis and conjunctivitis
Singular - got it from pediatrician - to prevent ashtma

Smecta - can be found in any pharmacy store
Cholestyramine powder - got it from the pediatrician
Biogaia Probiotic - can be found in any pharmacy store - to reduce vomitting in children, similar to yakult
TS6 Priobiotic - can be found from any clinic

Fever (please contact your pediatrician)
Paracetamol - can be found in any pharmacy store - for fever less than 38.5 degrees, to be taken every 6 hours
Ibuprofen - can be found in any pharmacy store - for fever higher than 38.5 degrees

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